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I have a 24-stall facility and am looking into composting my manure. What bedding is best for this purpose?

Claire Brant
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Hi Dan, this is important.  The quality of the compost is definitely due to the size of the shavings as well as the level of absorbency.  Pellets or a product like our mini flake will provide you with a manure pile of more manure than wood and the wood will typically be urine saturated.  Our friend Peter Moon is the horse manure composting expert in my opinion and you'll learn from his site .  While he primarily recommends pellets, he has tested our Swift Pick mini flake and it is consistent with the pellet results.  So long as you stay with a fine flake you'll get similar results.  Peter is a great resource and very tuned into the needs of horse farms.
Good luck and please keep us posted on your project.
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