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I have been using your pelleted bedding for about 6 months now.  I love how easy it is to clean the stalls and how it absorbs the pee spots.  However, especially now that it is summer, I have had complaints on the amount of dust in the stalls.  We have been watering them down which helps but was wondering if you had any suggestions on keeping the dust down.  Maybe combining with some of the flaked bedding?
Claire Brant
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Diana, thank-you for your question/comments. Pellet bedding is "special".  While as a manufacturer, we uniquely remove dust/fines before pelleting, the pellet fiber is dried and stripped of all oils in the pelleting process.  This is perfect to avoid allergies and remove absorption barriers, but, it means the softened pellet fiber will pulverize faster than the higher moisture content shavings.

So, here are a few thoughts:
The tidier the horse and the greater the frequency of stall cleaning, the faster the fiber will start to biodegrade and dry.  I use pellets in my messiest stalls but with my neatnicks I use our Swift Pick mini flake shaving.  Swift Pick offers most of the same benefits as the pellet - easy to pick, highly absorbent (less so than the pellet) but the additional 4% moisture and the bit of oils remaining keep the fiber resilient in the stall longer.   Your consumption and disposal remains very low with Swift Pick as well.

Pellet life is so long that at some point it can work against you but here are a few tips in managing the stall:
With pellets you actually need the 4" of softened fiber depth to avoid pulverization against a hard surface and ultimate dusting.   
When you clean the stall, after you pull the wetspot,  pull the  fiber from the edges of the stall in to the space.  This will keep the bedding rotated, otherwise it is actually biodegrading along the edges which creates more dust.
You may want to let the bedding diminish a bit and rebed every 3 months or so and this will help as well.

Let me know any additional questions. Claire

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