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Are there certain beddings that flies like more and breed in more? Conversely, what are the best options to keep fly populations down?
Claire Brant
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Debbie, apologies for my delay in response as the blog was having some technical difficulties.
Flies are attracted to many things including sugars, moisture and other food sources.

Shavings themselves can be food sources if they are not properly processed to remove aromatic oils and moisture.  This is a true science so be sure to select a high quality, reputable product if you go with pine shavings or pellets.   Other products that may repel against flies ( some say Cedar) can be a source of allergens and contact dermatitis in horses.

Corn and wheat substrates (corn cob type bedding and wheat straw) contain starch and are magnets for flies as well as many other insects we want to avoid.

I am biased toward pine because of its natural superiority in controlling odors and ammonia so if you can find a quality and affordable pine shavings or pellet this will be the best investment for you.

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