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My mare went to a show and we used the shavings from the show grounds. The next morning she was covered in hives. I couldn't even show her! We had to haul her home to the vet. How can I avoid that short of taking my own bedding?
Claire Brant
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Hi Cyndi, I'm sorry to hear about the hive problem.  Hives are an incredibly frustrating problem in our strong but sensitive equine partners.

While it is possible that the shavings caused the problem at the show don't eliminate the possibility of a single bug bite or some other exposure as well that can send the immune system into overload - hives.

Having said that, our company started because of our frustration in dealing with our young mare at the time (now 34) that would develop a horrible allergic reaction to some of the bagged shavings in our market.  In our research and work with veterinarians and universities we discovered her allergies to specific oils that were present on pine shavings that were not high heat treated.  Long story short, pine pellets were the answer.  From there we engineered a process and specification for our pine shavings that reduces the possibility of allergic response.  Not all shavings are produced using high heat treatment methods and the oil present in non heat treated shavings is a common allergen. 

You obviously don't have a problem at home so if the shavings at the show were the problem (and you may never know) then you will be safest carrying the product you use at home to avoid this issue.  If you feel this is likely to happen again you may want to have your Veterinarian do an allergy test even if just targeted at the pine oils. 

Hope that helps and keep us posted.
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