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My mare loves to go into the run-in shed and urinate, even though she is out 24/7. What is the best bedding for run-in sheds and what will absorb urine the best in a run-in?
Claire Brant
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Lynne, sorry about the delay in response as we worked through a technical difficulty.    Sounds like a smart mare.

We see the greatest success in the run ins using a dense absorbent and recommend pellet bedding.  The interlocking fiber will stay in place even in windy conditions and provide the fast absorption necessary.  Deep enough, you'll see absorption below the surface which can provide protection against flies and odor as well.  You'll still want to clean it as often as possible but you'll remove a fraction of the material and it will compost quickly.  

Pellets tend to be more expensive per bag but they should provide 4 - 6 times the use so in the end will be very affordable.

Let me know if you have other thoughts or questions.
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