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We all know that there are clean horses and absolute stall disasters. Is there anything I can use with the ones who are really messy that would make mucking easier?
Claire Brant
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Hi Katherine, you're right...anyone with more than 1 horse is likely to have a resident pigpen.  I use the term lovingly, of course, as I am about to do my last of day stall cleaning and of the 6 in the barn I would definitely categorize 2 in this fashion.

We use our mini flake shaving in our barn primarily but the messiest is in pellets.  When I get down to the barn in the morning I look at the messy stalls and first reaction is I'll have to add another bag.   I don't actually use less product week after week - I do manage the messy stalls a bit differently, however.

In a neat  to normal stall, I'll keep 3 - 5 inches of depth of bedding all of the time.  In my messy stalls, I run that down to 2 - 3 inches so there isn't as much bedding to move around at each cleaning.  This saves on time and doesn't create any more usage. 

The big key is absorbency and ease of picking from my opinion.  A mini flake size will save time and bedding in any stall, especially the messy ones. 

Additionally, if you have a large facility with a greater number of time traps - the Stall Shifter is designed to allow you to shovel and scoop without using more bedding.

Hope that helps Katherine - I speak from experience!
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