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Hi Claire--
I've heard that newspaper makes a good bedding choice because it is relatively dust-free, does not cause allergic reactions, is absorbent, and decomposes well in the environment. Do you know of any suppliers? Thanks.
Claire Brant
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Colleen, I don't know of any specific brand of newspaper bedding.  I believe that is likely local type suppliers when available.   I don't have any personal experience with newspaper other than a farm owned by a friend here that used it years ago.  It was a messy spread on the fields and when it dried before composting it would blow around.  But, if you dumpster, that complaint would certainly be irrelevant. 

As a "substrate", paper won't have the odor controlling capacity of pine as it is bleached to remove any controlling quality.  Inks today are probably environmentally acceptable so it will come down to availability and comparison of cost. 

You should post your city/state area and perhaps someone monitoring will have a supply recommendation.
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