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I am building two run-in sheds out in my pastures. Should these be bedded? If so, with what? And how often should they be cleaned. The sheds will also contain their water and feed.
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My run-ins are 12' X 30' and support 3-4 horses each.  I do not bed them, however, I am considering matting them to make life in the winter easier (manure freezes to the ground relatively firmly in the winter months in upstate NY!)  I also don't feed them hay in their run ins, unless it's crazy windy out.  They do get their grain in there.  My horses live out 24/7, even in the winter, and they do really well with no bedding.  I do clean them out every time I feed, which is 2X/day in the summer and 3X/day in the winter.  Hope this helps!
Claire Brant
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Sorry about the delay but we apparently had technical difficulties.
If possible, run in sheds should be picked daily to avoid buildup of ammonia, bacteria and ultimately bug infestation. 

Reality? Many are not able to take the time to do this daily and for those folks it is recommended you use some level of surface absorbent to avoid urine drenching and slippery surface.

If you have draining footing in the run in sheds - you could get away with picking weekly.  If you use a pelleted bedding at about 3" depth - you can buy the same amount of time.  This will absorb and trap the urine, reduce odors and potential for fly population.  It is a secure base that will not get slippery.

Hope that helps!
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