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Hi Claire, How often do you recommend stripping stalls? I have 20 stalls and use pine flake shavings in all of them. We don't have any broodmares.  We don't have any issues with ammonia, but I still strip the stalls once a week. Is that enough? Too much? Your suggestions are welcome!
Thanks! Carlene 
Claire Brant
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Hi Carlene,  Thank-you for the question.  My first reaction is that is more often than necessary but it definitely depends on the shavings type as well as the stall cleaning schedule in the barn.  There are no hard and fast rules.

If the stalls are picked each day to remove urine soaked bedding and manure,  there should be no reason that you can't just replenish until the bedding starts to breakdown. 

Stall stripping is fairly personal but, as bedding can be in the top 4 expenses at a barn - I would say just try stretching it out a bit and see where your threshold lies.  Sounds like you are running a great facility.

Hopefully not too vague - let me know if I can provide more specific details relative to your situation.

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