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Amanda Jensen
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Hello.  I am inquiring about bedding types.  I was wondering if straw bedding is just as good as wood shavings?  Are there other types of bedding that are just as good and easily decompose?

Claire Brant
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Hi Amanda, Straw is a long used, very traditional bedding steeped in history.  Having said that, many things improve with time and new technology and I think this is the case with horse bedding. 


There are many reasons farms choose to use straw,  most often because a farm may either grow their own or get a great price on straw in their area. 


Straw is not good when it comes to absorption, ammonia control, cleaning efficiency or disposal volume.  There has to be a substantial monetary motivation from my perspective to continue to use straw.


Pine is the single most effective substrate for animal use and with the advancements in producing a pine bedding that is no longer just a sawmill by product - it is difficult to find anything better than pine. 


From there, you'll look at the options within the pine category to select a product that best suits your requirements.

If breeding, you may want a fine product at the base for super absorbency and a traditional flake on top close to the muzzle.

To reduce consumption, disposal and stall cleaning time - you'll probably select a pine pellet or mini flake.

For a combination of volume and easier picking, a small flake may make most sense. 


With all of the options within the pine category - I am confident you'll find a perfect bedding using pine.



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